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Magic & Melanin

In June, I had the opportunity to finally take my birthright trip to West Africa with Magic & Melanin. The trip was a life changing experience. We got to do everything from waterfall hikes to pottery classes and partying with the locals.

One of my favorite activties was dressmaking in Côte d'Ivoire. We were able to source fabrics and get our designs made by a tailor (Big thanks to Bah Couture) in Abidjan. The experience was topped off with a photoshoot!

Y'all know I love a good photoshoot. And to be doing it in the motherland?! Ahh I was living!

Have you subscribed to my e-mail list? If not, you laaate! Tap in now to get an inside look on this creation process.

Produced by Dossé-Via Trénou - Magic & Melanin

Photography by Keren Lasme


Magic & Melanin Family (in photos)

Shelon Johnson

Dossé-Via Trénou

Courtney King


Jazimar Jones

Clayton Barham

Shamoiya Washington

Aáron Heard

Alexuis Weems

Andrea Bryant

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